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How to order a NopeaRide

How it works


Type in your pick-up and destination address, or simply tap on the map to select them, to get the estimated price for your ride.

NopeaRide prices

Since Nopea fleet is 100% electric our prices are low by nature. To ensure we not only offer environmentally friendly but also wallet-friendly rides, we benchmark our prices regularly with other similar vehicles (size and quality) in Nairobi.

But don't just take our word for it. Put Nopea to test by selecting a route between A and B, compare the price shown with any other taxi service in Nairobi on the same route during the same time, and be convinced. Isn't it fun to be environmentally conscious!

Why ride with us

We care about the environment. Therefore, all our vehicles are non-polluting electric cars. By choosing NopeaRide, you help to reduce harmful emissions and to improve the air quality around you.

NopeaRide is an affordable way to go places, with clear conscience.

Why drive for us

All our vehicles are 100% electric and good for the planet. For the drivers, they offer 30-50% higher revenue than traditional gasoline cars.

Would you not like to earn up to 50% more than driving for other ride-hailing companies?

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We contribute to the following UN SDGs:

We only have one planet with a very thin atmosphere.
Let's take good care of it!

Go places. With clear conscience.