General benefits

One of our drivers explains the benefits of driving Nopea Ride EV.

Saving money

One of our drivers explains how he saves money and no longer needs to worry about increasing gasoline prices.

Experience with customers

Phyll a.k.a. ‘Silentwind’ talks about his Nopea Ride platform and customer experiences.

How to apply for being a driver partner

The following applies to both individuals and organized groups of individuals.
  1. Fill the below application form
  2. If you meet our requirements, and you have at least one year of hailing taxi driving experience, prepare to provide your M-Pesa statements for last 12 months, your bank statements for last 6 months, copies of valid National Identification (ID), valid and clean NTSA PSV Driver’s License, valid regular driver’s license and valid Certificate of Good Conduct
  3. If approved for driver partnership, we will contact you and agree on the next steps of joining our platform as a Driver Partner
For clarifications, please contact us at