Our offer to you

  • Get access to a modern and safe electric car with 5-star safety rating
  • Enjoy clean and silent driving
  • Learn important electric vehicle skills, improving your job security for the future as transportation market evolves
  • Daily rental fees, payable 6 days/week, 7th day not charged
  • Revenue split 80% Driver : 20% Nopea on all NopeaRide trips
  • KM fees for all trips outside of NopeaRide app. NOTE! NopeaRide trip KMs + return trip to charging station free of charge
  • KMs beyond a certain limit within the week charged at discounted fee (NopeaRide trip KMs and return KMs are still free of charge)
  • Nopea platform deposit fee (refundable)
  • Driver pays nothing for the electricity at Nopea charging stations
  • Sign up and use Nopea Electric Vehicle on other apps too, we’ll provide all necessary documents

Hear what Nopea drivers in Nairobi say about Electric Vehicles

How to apply for being a driver partner

  1. Fill the below application form
  2. If you meet our requirements, and you have at least one year of hailing taxi driving experience, prepare to provide your M-Pesa statements for last 12 months, your bank statements for last 6 months, copies of valid National Identification (ID), valid and clean NTSA PSV Driver’s License, valid regular driver’s license and valid Certificate of Good Conduct
  3. If approved for driver partnership, we will contact you and agree on the next steps of joining our platform as a Driver Partner

For clarifications, please contact us at [email protected].

Application form

I have a valid National Identification (ID)

I have a valid PSV Driver’s License

I have a valid Certificate of Good Conduct

I have at least 1 year of experience as a hailing taxi driver



Mobile contact

Photograph of your PSV Driver’s license (allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf)

The year you received your driver’s license

After submitting the form, you can enquire about the status of your application by calling us at +254 110 496293