Off the Runway

NopeaRide is officially off the runway and taking off to greater heights. The growth has been immense over the past few months seeing great uptake of the NopeaRide application with close to 5,000 downloads, almost 3,000 trips taken, and over 20,000 CO2 emission-free kilometers driven!

The Nopea drivers have expressed great satisfaction while driving for the hailing service boasting great profits and a seamless experience driving the electric vehicles (EVs). Drivers have been positive about the experience so far and more than 500 interested drivers have expressed a desire to own their own Nopea EVs.

Nopea driver Philip on his experience so far says “It’s a very good experience waking up knowing that for the entire day you won’t have to meet any cost of fuel. This is very profitable compared to what I used to do before Nopea. I used to spend around Ksh 1,500 to 2,000 a day on fuel. So that amount right now is what I am saving and if I do my calculations I can find that I’ve saved up to Kshs 45,000 monthly”

The company is in full support of drivers owning their own cars and one of the key goals is seeing drivers improve their livelihoods. The company is co-guaranteeing the vehicles together with the drivers and this has given financial institutions confidence to extend financing. Individuals and organized groups of individuals willing to apply to be a Nopea driver partner have to follow the requirements below:

  • Fill the application form HERE
  • Have at least one year of hailing taxi driving experience, prepare to provide their M-Pesa statements for the last 12 months, bank statements for last 6 months, copies of valid National Identification (ID), valid and clean NTSA PSV Driver’s License, valid regular driver’s license and valid Certificate of Good Conduct.
  • Be able to pay at least KES 300,000 (20%) deposit for procurement of their electric vehicle 

NopeaRide has seen a lot of demand during the pilot phase with more riders taking up the service and drivers requesting to join the Nopea platform. The first ever Electric Taxi service pilot phase in Africa is now concluded and the launch of the commercial phase is fully in motion.

Starting this April, we are adding more vehicles to our Nopea fleet, and later this month we will open our next service station extending our Nopea Charging Network to better serve our Driver Partners. These are exciting times ahead, and we are now scaling up to meet our ambitious targets, demand from the drivers, and the expectations of our Nopea service users.