The EVs are coming!

The second batch of Nopea electric cars has arrived!

Nopea has seen positive growth over the past few months with the pilot phase being immensely successful. Now that the pilot phase is done, Nopea intends to meet its customers’ demands with additional vehicles being introduced to the fleet.

Our trustworthy and affordable service has captured loyal customers who always commend us on our prompt, professional and ethical service. We look forward to continuing this trend by having professional and trained drivers handle our additional cars too.

With our fleet’s new addition, we plan to cover a wider radius plus serve more riders on our platform. We also open our third service station next week, extending our Nopea Charging Network to better serve our Driver Partners. 

This is also a chance for those looking to come on board as Nopea driver partners. Send us an email through with the message “I am ready for Nopea screening” and do not forget to include your mobile number so we can call and schedule a meeting with you.

With global warming, it’s important that each of us does our part to reduce our carbon footprint. Due to how much we use taxis right now, our choice of a taxi can have a big impact, so choosing a taxi service provider who cares about their environment and takes steps to safeguard it is a plus.