The EVolution will not be televised

The shift to electric vehicles(EVs) will represent one of the biggest changes in the economy over the next few decades. While EVs represent only about 3 percent market share today, it is estimated that the market share will continue growing annually.

In just a few decades, the internal combustion engine(ICE) could all but disappear from roads, replaced by battery-powered EVs. Now is the right time to invest in the EV revolution.

Blue Electric Vehicle charging
EV Charging

There are plenty of ways to invest in the electric vehicles market, starting with shares of top EV automakers to utility companies. There is though a surefire way to invest in the EV boom right here in Kenya.

Nopia Electric Vehicles! Nopia is offering investors an avenue to invest in the blooming EV market. Individuals can now come on board and invest in their own car for the Nopia ride-hailing service.

These are the key points to consider for potential investors:

Capital Expenditure

An investment of 1.5 million KES per vehicle – All vehicles will be Nopia-branded and platform-enabled.

Operating Expense

Free access to Nopia service stations – Your driver does not pay anything for the electricity when charging at Nopia service stations.


Get 50% on Nopia earnings – As an investor, you are entitled to 50% of the earnings, while the remaining 50% is evenly split between driver partner and Nopia platform.

Payback Period

15 -18 months payback period – Depending on driver’s performance, investment payback is expected in 15 -18 months.

Do not get left out of the EV revolution. If interested in striking the iron while it’s hot, please visit this page

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